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Our Services - Energy Saving

We are all conscious of the need to reduce our carbon footprints and here at Manchester Electrical Contractors we use the latest technologies to offer the best solutions to save both money and energy.

Free Energy Survey

We can provide you with a free energy survey of your premises, and an estimate of the cost savings you could make by installing efficient light fittings and sensors to control them.

The survey provides details of your current power consumption compared to using high frequency light fittings with sensor control. It will also provide an illustration of the total cost outlay and the time taken to pay for this in reduced energy costs. The solutions usually pay for themselves in less than 24 months and you may be eligible for a Carbon Trust Loan to cover the cost. Visit Carbon Trust loans for details.

Electrical Energy Efficiency

We look for energy efficiency of above 130 lumens per watt which means in high bay lighting you can replace a 250 watt light fitting with a 100 watt light saving 150 watts on just one light fitting.

The maths here doesn’t appear to add up and it is not clear what the savings are!

This equates to a saving of 1 KWH for each seven fittings (also saving you 0.12p per hour per unit). An average industrial unit has approx. 80 fittings so would save , 11 kilowatts per hour and £1.32 per hour – which can add up to over £211.2 per month based on 5 x 8hours days per week at 4 weeks per month

We offer a range of fittings to suit your circumstances but one of the highest lumens per watt at the moment is produced by Carbon 8 ( ) who currently produce a light fitting at 160 lumens per watt. (This figure will grow as further development is made to increase the energy efficiency of light fittings).

This image below is of the 160 lumens per watt high bay light. As well as saving energy and cost it produces better colour lighting improving your working environment.

Low Carbon Partners

We have teamed up with two leading professional companies through the Green Growth Hub.

Renewable Planet ( )

Renewable Planet offer Tesla battery systems which connect to Solar Panels on the roof to help store the energy during the day for use at night.

We install these on behalf of Renewable Planet throughout the North West providing customers with a environmentally friendly, low cost energy source for their businesses.

Perfect Sense Energy ( )

We can also install solar panels using our partner Perfect Sense Energy to provide a low cost, renewable energy source for businesses.

In addition to the energy and cost savings these can provide, you may qualify for a carbon trust grant. We offer a free survey which will let you know the costs of installation, the energy and cost savings over time and whether you are likely to qualify for one of these grants.

Manchester Electrical Contractors are an official installer of the Renewable Planet and Perfect Sense Energy technologies and have built up good relationships with both organisations through our commitment to provide the highest professional standards an provide customers with the best advice and service.

Please contact us for a free survey and estimate.

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